In Martín Molina, lawyers and economists understand Financial Restructuring as the complement to an integral process of Business Restructuring. The process of Financial Restructuring is very unique, and requires a detailed and in-depth analysis to know the typology of each company. A financial insolvency, according to the Bankruptcy Law, is a "General non-compliance of obligations such as: exigible tax obligations; social security fees; other concepts of joint collection; those of payment of salaries and indemnities and other remunerations derived from labor relations; obligations with commercial suppliers and bank creditors ".

Based on these circumstances, it is necessary for the company to carry out a Financial Restructuring process before the described situation arises and thus avoid incurring in a Financial Insolvency situation. In Martin Molina we work professionals with more than twenty years of experience in dealing with situations of financial stress, in all economic sectors.

When we are faced with a situation in which a financial restructuring is necessary, we always link it to an operative restructuring that allows us to achieve long-term competitive advantages, and not solutions designed only in the short term. Our way of working in financial restructuring involves an economic and financial analysis to determine the causes and origin of the regular breach of obligations and an action plan in which plans are contemplated in the short, medium and long term.

To achieve this, it is necessary to prepare a Feasibility Plan that incorporates a treasury forecast in each of the scenarios and that allows not only the survival but the competitive improvement in the long term. The tools used in the Financial Restructuring processes can be summarized in four major chapters:

• The lack of capital payment of the loans and credits of the Company
• The extension of the term of loans and credits of the Company
• Deferment of interest payments and subsequent capitalization
• Withdrawals of capital from loans and credits of the company

In Martín Molina, lawyers and economists conceived the financial Restructuring as a complement to the processes of rescue of companies. The application of action plans allows us to correct deviations and solve problems in the short term, but our vision is always oriented to long terms and to sustainability and strengthening of the business bases in the long term, to the achievement of competitive advantages that allow us to clear the horizon of business activity.