MARTÍN MOLINA is a firm commitment to training. We are endorsed by a long curriculum of presence in the academic world. The professionals of our team participate as teachers in universities on a regular basis. It is the best way to update knowledge and to be in contact with innovation, in order to ensure the best service to our customers.

At MARTÍN MOLINA we train and we train. We share knowledge and experience, which are the two sources of creativity, and we do it in an open and participatory way. For that reason, in coherence with that spirit, we have developed an activity area that promotes training for managers and employees of companies, to bring them closer to the fundamental tools that will allow them to grow in their businesses and manage them in a more efficient way.

The training formats of MARTÍN MOLINA are flexible, adapted to the needs of our clients, updated continuously and rigorously, and designed for the demands of a competitive market. Our task is to build capacities and bring innovation closer, connect the academic world with the business world, and develop areas where debate and the exchange of ideas are ways to seek the common good.