At MARTÍN MOLINA we work with the philosophy that Accounting is perhaps the most relevant element in the life of a company. It allows us to know the financial and economic reality of our business, trends, past and present of a company.

At MARTÍN MOLINA we help you obtain a rigorous knowledge and control of the situation of your company, with precision, with the ability to anticipate what may happen. Having control of the company allows managers to make sound decisions, detect opportunities. Accounting is the best tool to adapt to changes and grow in changing environments.

We offer our clients the monetary control of their business and we collaborate in the optimal management of the company's finances. In MARTÍN MOLINA we assure you that your Accounting will be the best tool to know your situation thoroughly and to prepare the best BUSINESS PLAN.

With an optimal business plan, clients can examine the economic and financial viability of their projects. Our procedures ensure the development of the necessary strategies to bring your ideas to reality. We offer an analysis based on data grouped in the following chapters:

• A detailed description of the services and products, with an analysis of the sector and the economic context, prepared thanks to the multidisciplinary teams of MARTÍN MOLINA.
•A marketing plan that includes the promotion of its services, the analysis of prices, and distribution channels, communication and the promotion of its offer.
• An analysis of the organization of your company, positions, tasks, internal processes, internal communication, and the responsibilities attributed to each position.
• And an economic and financial plan, with the analysis of the scenarios, the development of a business plan with a medium-term perspective that covers all the needs of the company.

In MARTÍN MOLINA we work in the planning and analysis of the market. Our knowledge of the business and industrial fabric throughout the national territory allows us to successfully advise our clients from the beginning of their activity, when the foundations of a company are laid.
The MARTÍN MOLINA team provides tax and financial advice, complies and presents its mandatory taxes, proposes solutions to cash flows through internal controls, optimizes costs, and controls and manages credit and other banking procedures