MARTÍN MOLINA is a firm dedicated to the Insolvency Administration, judicial interventions and accounting-mercantile expertise. We are the office with more experience in competitions and pre-contests, with a scope of action throughout the national territory.
Founded and directed by the Insolvency Administrator Mr. Pedro Martín Molina: Economist and Lawyer, Account Auditor, Judicial Expert, member of the Spanish Association of Judicial Experts and Arbitral Mediators, of the ROAC, REGA, REFOR and ECID and Professor, who since 15 years ago he has been dedicating himself to all these fields. With an experience of more than fifteen years in the commercial field, MARTÍN MOLINA offers the guarantee of success in the development of our professional strategies focused above all on solving pre-insolvency situations, insolvency, restructuring needs and making important decisions. with strong impact and economic impact.
From the birth of the firm to today, various creditors' competitions have passed through our hands, dispersed throughout the Spanish geography, which highlights both the prestige of the firm and the professionals who make it up.
MARTÍN MOLINA integrates a team of professionals of recognized prestige, academic and professional, in various economic, legal, accounting, tax, and mercantile matters. Our way of solving problems involves a multidisciplinary approach, teamwork, closeness to our clients, and solutions that are born of knowledge and experience.
MARTÍN MOLINA firm has its own training scheme, based on our sector experience. This scheme is our greatest potential, since we have specialized professionals in each of the subjects that are intervened daily.


• Advice and situation studies in pre-insolvency phase
• Feasibility studies for re-financing operations.
• Preparation of the Bankruptcy Report and follow-up of bankruptcy proceedings: in the common phase, in the agreement phase, in the liquidation phase and in the rating.
• Economic studies of support for presentation of employment regulation files.
• Representation of creditors affected by bankruptcy proceedings.
• Comprehensive advice on insolvency matters.


Our firm is qualified to give answers to our clients in situations of bankruptcy and / or insolvency of your company:

• Feasibility plans.
• Cost-efficiency reduction.
• Working Capital Management and the Treasury.
• Refinancing.
• Advice in imminent and current insolvency situations.
• Liquidations, closings and splits.
• Interim Management