The Corporate and Banking Law Area of MARTÍN MOLINA has a team of professionals of great competence and extensive experience in advising companies, both national and international, and individuals in matters of corporate law, commercial contracting in a broad sense and issues of law. Commercial and civil law in general, as well as legal advice in contractual relationships with national and foreign credit and financial entities: banks, savings banks, investment services companies and insurance companies.


Among the main services, it should be highlighted:

• Incorporation, dissolution or liquidation of companies and keeping corporate social documentation.
• Modifications of Bylaws, capital increases and reductions, removal and appointment of Directors, granting and revocation of powers, etc.
• Performance of the functions of Non-Board Secretary of the Board of Directors and legal counsel of the companies.
• Constitution, dissolution or liquidation of Economic Interest Groups, Foundations, branches, representative offices, Temporary Business Unions, as well as recurring business advice in relation to them.
• Drafting and negotiation of family protocols.
• Remuneration systems for administrators and senior managers.
• Business reorganization: Advice on the approach of alternatives, design, and execution of corporate reorganization processes (including mergers, divisions, segregations, non-monetary contributions, exchange of securities, global assignments of assets and liabilities, etc.) up to its registration. , always with a multidisciplinary approach.
• Legal advice on business collaboration agreements and due diligence processes.
• Negotiation and formalization of shareholder agreements: agreements with a reinforced majority; restrictions on the free transferability of participations; governance of the company, composition and election of its administration and management bodies; dividend policy; and clauses to resolve blocking situations.
• Advice on partner or para-social agreements.
• Exercise of liability actions against administrators, challenge of corporate resolutions and decisions of the Board of Directors.
• Drafting and negotiation of all types of commercial contracts: we participate in the preparation and negotiation of all types of business contracts, advising the contracting parties, according to their legal nature, terms and conditions.
• We analyze and interpret contracts, issuing legal opinions on their validity, scope and content, as well as on the interpretation of clauses of contracts over which differences of interpretation exist.


Among the main services, it should be highlighted:

• Consultations on Regulatory Law: prevention of money laundering and protection of personal data.
• Advice on insurance, pension plans and securities markets
• Drafting and advice on contracts and banking products
• Corporate documents of Board and Boards. Enough of powers
• Contracts with suppliers or outsourcing and contracts with agents.
• Bank guarantees or documentary credits.
• Relationship with the CNMV, the Bank of Spain and the General Directorate of Insurance.
• Advice in consumer banking: factoring, leasing, renting, confirming, asset financing and foreign trade operations.
• In addition, LEGAL Y ECONÓMICO offers legal advice in the commercialization and distribution of banking and investment products in traditional and innovative products such as IPFs, IICs, guaranteed deposits linked to the evolution of an index, preferred shares, coverage of interest rates or SWAPS, floor clauses established in mortgages, warrants.
• Legal advice in cases of payment in kind and debt renegotiation

The quality of these services and the responsiveness of the MARTÍN MOLINA team give us the confidence and loyalty of our clients. Our extensive knowledge and specialization of our professionals allow us to advice in all areas of commercial practice.