The teams of lawyers and economists of MARTÍN MOLINA have accumulated a wide and detailed experience in the national and international business field. The fruit of that knowledge is AIRE, a consultancy that is born from the knowledge that has prepared us to understand the world of business from a global perspective. AIRE allows us to help our clients in any part of the Spanish territory, but also in the analysis of their international companies.

AIRE starts from the idea that the best innovation is one that solves the problems posed by our customers. Not everything is technology, although our view is very aware of the great transformations that technology is operating in business. We rely on sector specialization, knowledge and the solvency of our professionals, as well as a unique signature culture, which enables us to provide specific solutions of confidence and face the complex challenges that the market presents to companies every day.

AIRE was born to offer SMEs a comprehensive service that covers all the needs of the company, with advice on legal services, mergers and restructuring, finance, accounting, auditing, foreign markets, internationalization, and administrative management. Does not matter the size. AIRE is in charge of giving each company a global attention with a personalized treatment. You do business, we protect and manage your projects.

Within our consulting services are:
• Balance Analysis.
• Internal control.
• Consolidation.
• Creation and start-up of companies.
• Development of consolidated financial statements.
• Development and monitoring of functional procedures.
• Family business.
• Feasibility studies and implementation of new businesses.
• Fusions and acquisitions.
• Accounting Planning.
• Tax Planning.
• Application and procedures for subsidies.
• Business valuations.
• Accounting verifications.
• Due Diligence.