The judicial administration is an instrument of support and judicial assistance in all jurisdictions, both civil and criminal, social or administrative. It is a fundamental figure to ensure the outcome of judicial processes. The administrator always acts under the mandate of the judges and their functions consist in monitoring or administering the property of others that are subject to legal proceedings.
The scope of the responsibility of the judicial administrators implies

-The formation of the inventory and administration of the goods subject to litigation.
-The writing of reports on the evolution of the tasks entrusted by the judge.
-Lead accounts in the mandate entrusted to him, with the frequency established by the judges, and in any case at the end of his term.
-Intervene the debtors' acts in the exercise of their patrimonial faculties or replace it in the event that it has been suspended in the exercise of the same.
-In the event that it is a bankruptcy administration, you must write the report that will be attached to the inventory of outstanding assets and obligations and attend the proposals for payment agreement or deferrals that have been requested.
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