MARTÍN MOLINA has a team of professionals with long experience as lawyers who for more than 25 years have exercised their profession as advisers and directors of legal proceedings.
MARTÍN MOLINA directs its efforts towards advising its clients, to avoid conflicts in the private area and in relations with Public Administrations. However, nothing can prevent discrepancies that can not sometimes be solved through negotiation, so it is increasingly important to have a team of legal professionals who have the experience and specific vision necessary to successfully carry out procedures. Judicial, in those occasions in which they are lamentably impossible to avoid. The team of lawyers of MARTÍN MOLINA can give an effective response to all the extraprocesal procedures and situations in which your company may be.

• In the first place, the capacity of our Procedural Practice department to be able to find at any moment of the judicial procedure a solution agreed between the involved parties that through the transaction allows the maximum satisfaction of the interests of our clients in the shortest possible time.
• Legal claims of economic content for non-payment, for non-delivery of goods or services, defective deliveries, contractual breaches and compensation for damages.
• Procedures for resolution of contracts or radical nullity of contracts or elimination of clauses, null, abusive or voidable by contractual bad faith.
• Claims to demand the fulfillment of the subscribed contracts and the compensations that would have occurred in case of voluntary non-compliance.
• Procedures for the recognition of rights based on written or verbal agreements, situations allowed in time or tacit redirection of contracts or transactions.
• Execution of judicial titles, judgments and writs, or non-judicial titles, notarial recognition of debts or guarantees, as well as exchange procedures for the fastest and most effective collection of checks or promissory notes.

Obviously the advisory function of our team of lawyers allows Legal and Economic clients to count on the writing of all the documents generated by the daily life of the company and especially those related to contracts, negotiations, agreements and agreements, it will be taken into account, very especially, to avoid with its writing the problems of interpretation that may arise in the future, as well as that the obligations and responsibilities of all the parties involved are sufficiently clear and clear.
Likewise, commercial life means that, regardless of whether or not its ordinary traffic has a direct relationship with the Administration, it becomes increasingly necessary to have a team of experts to advise and defend the company in its relations with the company.
The lawyers of MARTÍN MOLINA have extensive experience in this field and can respond to any prior or advisory need as well as defense against acts or sanctions of the Public Administration at any of its levels, municipal, autonomous, national or local entities. Supervision or controlinvolved, among which we can highlight, among others, the following:

• First of all, any situation before the Administration requires a preliminary study that succinctly defines the possible courses of action for the administration and if the cost / benefit ratio makes them useful or not for the intended purpose.
• Defense against administrative sanctions of all kinds, appearance in disciplinary proceedings and appeals before Courts, Courts and bodies of the Contentious-Administrative Justice.
• Claims against administrative acts or resolutions, express or not, in defense of the rights of private entities or individuals.
• Advice on administrative processes for obtaining concessions, formalizing contracts with the administration or contesting contracting processes with third parties.